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Thammavong School - UK

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in Chichester, Brighton & Midhurst


Founded in 1990 by Andreas Kuehne, the Thammavong School has 25 years of experience in Classical Chinese Medicine.



Classical Chinese Medicine
Individual health consultations, seminars and talks on various topics (philosophical daoism, Wu Xing, Zang Xiang, chinese diagnosis, emotional patterns, etc.)
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Medical Qigong
18 exercises of Boddhidarma, standing meditation, spinal Qigong, structural Qigong
Individual dietary regulations, speeches and seminars on regional and seasonal cooking
Facial Diagnosis
Classes and individual sessions, reading contours and structures of the face, understanding constitutional strengths and challenges, momentary conditions and past problems
Tuina – Massage
Relieving stagnation to prevent diseases and strengthen vitality
Classical Feng Shui
Luan Tou /Wu Xing - school, adjusting the environment to suit business premises and individual home



Andreas Kuehne, G.Q.A., Director of Thammavong School for Classical Chinese Medicine in Neustrelitz, Germany, since 1990

Head & founder of "German Qigong Association" (G.Q.A.) since 1997

International consultant & teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Classical Kung Fu, Western & Chinese Herbs, Daoist philosophy (Wu Xing), Tuina-/Anmo-Massage, Classical Face Diagnosis, Nutrition and Classical Wu Xing Feng Shui

Educated by Master Kaikham Thammavong, Germany/Laos 1986-1990 as a private student

Studied at: the East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, USA; Lotos Institute, Laguna Beach, USA; Xi Yuan Clinic for Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China (1999/2000/2001/2002/2004/2007/2010/2012); Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhengzhou, Henan, China (2000); Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Centre, Shaolin, Henan, China (1999/2001); at the Shaolin-Monastery Wushu Institute at Tagou, Henan, China (2000)

Studied with: Dr. Effie Chow, CA, USA; Lillian Bridges, USA; Kevin Chen, New Jersey Medical School, USA; Richard M. Chin, Long Island University, USA; Garri Garripoli, CA, USA; Binhui He, China; Nan Lu, New Jersey, USA; Yoshiaki Omura, New York, USA; Kangmin Shu, China; Sifu Kiew Kit Wong, CA, USA; Thornton Chamberlin, Switzerland; Professor Basilio Chen, San Francisco, USA; Rene Goris, Netherlands; Jerry Alan Johnson, CA, USA; Mark Johnson, USA; Karen Kingston, UK; Michael Tierra, CA, USA; Shi Yong Dao, Shaolin, China and others

Guest lecturer in: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, New York City, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, USA; London, Brighton, Inverness, Chichester, Midhurst, UK; Beijing, Zhengzhou, China; Chlachtol, Scotland; Bäckefors, Sweden and various cities in Germany


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